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Grenada Community Development Agency – (GRENCODA) is an indigenous non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental development Agency committed to the development of Grenada’s rural communities. The Agency started in 1985, and was formally registered as a non-profit organisation under the Grenada Companies Ordinance January 13th, 1986. The registered office is located on Lower Depradine Street in Gouyave in the Parish of St. John – one of the rural parishes located on the West Coast of Grenada. The Agency exists “to provide guidance and support to rural individuals, families and communities to improve their quality of life. It does this by encouraging people’s participation in community based initiatives, which will build self-reliance particularly among small farmers, low-income workers, women and youth.” The mission is grounded in a philosophy of gender equity and sustainable development that is inclusive and participatory.


GRENCODA’s Strategic Priorities include:


  1. Development of and support for economic projects/activities so as to improve livelihood particularly for women.
  2. Assistance to students of low income households to obtain sound education and vocational training to break the cycle of poverty.
  3. Facilitating skills training and the acquisition of life skills for personal development to alleviate poverty.
  4. Advocacy on policy issues that are impacting on the situation of marginalize persons/groups
  5. Improving the financial, human/physical resource base of the organization thus guaranteeing its sustainability
  6. Stimulating / helping CBOs to become more self reliant & organized
  7. Focus on and increase the level of communication with stakeholders in particular media & Government


General Programme Areas/Objectives:


  • Community Development, Mobilisation and Services
  • Education and Training
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development
  • Advocacy/Research
  • Institutional Strengthening – Human and Financial
  • To enhance individuals and rural communities capacity (small farmers, women, children, the unemployed) to sustain and improve livelihood and well being.
  • To increase low-income earners’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities, and their ability to access legal services and counseling.
  • To influence national policy decisions in the interest of improving rural people’s “Quality of Life” particularly that of the poor.
  • To consolidate and build the organizations capacity to effectively fulfill its mission.


Specific Programme Activities:


  • Community Intervention Programme with fourteen (14) communities
  • Integrated natural and ecological intervention for sustained income and livelihood
  • Skills Training for Rural Women and Youth
  • Student Assistance Programme (SAP)
  • Support to farmers, fisher folks and craft products
  • Youth/Children Empowerment Programme (GYCEP)
  • Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic (LACC)


Communities in which GRENCODA is actively engaged:


  1. St. John (Grand Roy, Dougladston, Clozier, Florida, Loretto, Gouyave Estate, Market Square)
  2. St. Mark (Coast Guard, Waltham)
  3. St. Patrick  (River Sallee, Rose Hill, Chantimelle, Levera/La Fortune)
  4. St. Andrew (Marquis)


Current Staff of the Agency :


General Secretary – Mrs. Judy Williams
Programme Manager – Mr. Benny Langaigne
Senior Project Officer – Mr. Danley Alexis
Junior Project Officer – Ms. Dale Edwards
Assistant Programme Officer – Shirley Ann Roderique
Programme Officer – Cyndica Lewis
Accounting Officer – Nicka Barry
Secretary – Zaina Simon